Sat Kirtan & Siri Sadhana Singh – June 25, 2010

One thing I love about shooting a morning wedding is the natural light. The soft sun light shining thru the windows in all direction just add so much to the quality of the pictures. Shot the whole ceremony without using flash.

Fun and romantic is how I characterize the reception. There were no dull moments. None stop activities for the guests. Right after the feast and the emotional speeches, the brides surprised all the guests with small heart shape chocolate. Special healthy chocolate! Then all the guests were invited to try Kundalini Yoga. What a unique and brilliant idea. It’s also great warm-up exercise for the dance. Everyone was dancing to the point of exhaustion, then the music stop. Everybody was asked to gather around the pool, join hands and meditate. All the lights were turned off. The whole place was dark except for the lights coming from the floating candles in the pool.

Sat Kirtain and Siri Sadhana Sigh, thank you for introducing me to the Sikh culture and let me be part of the your special day.


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