Elsa and Fernando – Oct 1, 2011 Newport Beach

Elsa and Fernando decided to get married on one of the wedding cruises that are done out of Newport Beach.  Saturday started as a beautiful day and it just added to the the wedding.

The boat was beautifully set up,  The ceremony area looked glamorous.


Elsa was in the top deck room getting ready with the help of all her bridesmaids.


While the Fernando with his party was getting ready in one of the lower decks.

Here are highlight pictures of the ceremony.  Everyone was so happy and Else and Fernando as you can see where so happy.

The bridesmaids all looked gorgeous and all the ladies were ready to party.

As well as Fernando.

Near the end of the party we where able to get the loving couple alone to  have some time to themselves and show us the love they have for each other.


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