Pismo Beach – Monarch Butterflies – Feb 6,2011

February 7, 2011 by admin

Last weekend we did a trip with a few friends to go see the Monarch Butterflies in Pismo Beach.  The plan was to drive up for a one day trip.  Being the end of the session I was not expecting that many butterflies, but I have to say that there where a bunch of them.  The only part that was difficult was that the day was warm and that caused them to the flying around. Here are a few pictures from the day.

This is one of my favorites.  I almost missed this one, a few minutes later the butterfly was gone.

The location where we took our pictures was at Monarch Grove.  It is a little park just on the south tip of the Pismo Beach area.  One of the things that there was a lot of was dogs too.  Here are a few pictures of some.

From the park there is a trail that lead down to the beach.  It was somewhat empty and not much going on.  But one thing that caught my eye was this guy walking down to the waves to get some surfing in.  See him just made me feel that even in the busy world we live in, there is always time to enjoy the small things.

After lunch we went down to the pier and hanged out before we started the drive back down to LA.  The Light on the was just so bright, but still caught my attention that I had to take a shot.

This weekend just reminded me that I need to plan more day trips to enjoy parts of California that I have not seen or taken advantage of.

October in Vermont

January 16, 2011 by admin

We had the chance to take a short vacation in October and we always wanted to go somewhere we can see fall colors.  Living in Los Angeles you sometimes forget about the beauty in nature.  This trip was like also a recharging for us, this past year has been a busy for us.  The buying of a new home, the moving of the business to a new location.  So the change of location was a nice break.

Vermont has tons of bridges, including covered ones.  We used the idea of just driving on a few local roads and just stop by the ones that caught our eyes.

The weather in Vermont while we were there was cloudy with temps in the 40’s.  On one of our trips I saw the effects if the cold, plants encase in ice.

If you like nature and hiking, then you will love Vermont.  There are so many places to go hiking and the things you see there are beautiful.   Here are just some pictures of the water features we saw.

The colors were so vivid, something I have not seen in a long time.  Being in Vermont was like a recharging of my love of nature.  The lighting of the flame that got me into photography.  The love of being able to share the things is see, feel and love with others.

There are also a few lakes in the area that with the weather we were having just sparkled and appeared to come alive.  Each of them trying to tell the story of their lives.

While we were in Stowe, I saw this truck in the back of a parking lot and it was just calling me to take it’s picture.

The city held a Halloween parade.  All the local people dressed up their kids in their costumes and then when on a parade in the town visiting the stores and trick-n-treating.  It was the cutest things see all the kids dressed up and the parents having a great time.

But of all the pictures I took, i like this one the best.

Monster in our backyard

August 31, 2010 by admin

On Sunday I saw this little fellow and could not help but take its picture.  I just wished I can a good Macro lens.

Sat Kirtan & Siri Sadhana Singh – June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010 by admin

One thing I love about shooting a morning wedding is the natural light. The soft sun light shining thru the windows in all direction just add so much to the quality of the pictures. Shot the whole ceremony without using flash.

Fun and romantic is how I characterize the reception. There were no dull moments. None stop activities for the guests. Right after the feast and the emotional speeches, the brides surprised all the guests with small heart shape chocolate. Special healthy chocolate! Then all the guests were invited to try Kundalini Yoga. What a unique and brilliant idea. It’s also great warm-up exercise for the dance. Everyone was dancing to the point of exhaustion, then the music stop. Everybody was asked to gather around the pool, join hands and meditate. All the lights were turned off. The whole place was dark except for the lights coming from the floating candles in the pool.

Sat Kirtain and Siri Sadhana Sigh, thank you for introducing me to the Sikh culture and let me be part of the your special day.

Los Angeles Arboretum – May 14, 2010

May 25, 2010 by admin

Went with very good friend to the Arboretum to go shoot some pictures and just take a quick break of the everyday grind.   It was a great break and get away from the everyday stuff.

Old Town Pasadena – May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010 by admin

We were asked by a a good friend to go out and shoot with him and answer some questions he might have.  It was like hold a workshop.  Shooting in Old Town Pasadena was great.

It was so much fun shooting that day and the girls were great sports.  They were suppose to be taking pictures , but for a large part of the day we were taking pictures of them.

Tincy and Manoj – Feburary 13 -14, 2010

April 5, 2010 by admin

This was of the longest shoots we have every done before.  It started on Saturday night with the dinner and then continued on Sunday with the wedding.  And even with such a long shoot, we never got burned out.  Tincy, Manoj, and their families were just great.

The dinner on Saturday was great the atmosphere was electric.  People were having fun and just enjoy the beginning of a great weekend celebrating the a wonderful future of these two.

On the Wedding day the electricity just continued.  Everyone was so happy and have a good time.

Tincy and Manoj- Engagement

December 20, 2009 by admin

These two are absolutely wonderful.  This was a shoot that was rescheduled twice, but the wait was well worth it. It so much fun taking these two pictures.

We can wait to do their wedding.

Jamie and Craig – Irvine – June 27, 2009 – Huntington Photography

July 26, 2009 by Richard

We met Jamie earlier this year and from talking to her I got the impression that her wedding was going to be one that will be one to remember for a long time.

I was not wrong.  As we start to shoot the wedding I started to the get the feeling that the wedding was going to be just on big celebration where the main reason for it was to have a good time.  Jamie and Craig where get, they were open to try things and that the same time asking for stuff.  I love it when a bride and groom allow is to explore and try things while at the same time asking for certain shoots.  It gives us a better understanding of what they are looking for in the pictures as well as allow us to express ourselves in them.  And I believe this shows in the pictures.
















Maciel and Arturo – Mission Hills – May 2, 2009

July 26, 2009 by Richard

When we did Maciel and Arturo’s Engagement session I knew that this was a couple deep in love.  They were so cute the whole time we were shooting them and people just kept looking at them, I am sure it had nothing to do with us taking their picture.  They had this glow to them.

Now on the wedding day I can see and feel where it is coming from.  Both their families are so loving.  You can see that these two are loved by both sides.  The whole day was just one big party where everyone was there to celebrate I wonderful union, which we are honor to be a part of.  Thanks Maciel and Arturo for letting us be a part of this special day and giving us the opportunity to shoot your wedding.