Elsa and Fernando – City Hall Pasadena/Bradbury Building/Griffith Observatory

We first met Elsa and Fernando at a wedding of a pass client.  They are a wonderful couple,  so happy and in love and I have to say it comes out in the pictures.

The shoot started at Pasadena City Hall.  I always loved this place.  Every time we came here to explore the area the only thing I thought of was, I need a couple.  Elsa and Fernando gave us the ability to shoot great pictures with a lovely couple.

Since we started this shoot with a new place, I wanted to keep the theme with another place that we always loved and just needed a couple and an excuse to shoot. The Bradbury Building is a great location.  The architecture is so beautiful and Elsa and Fernando just look great.

The last stop of this shoot was Griffith Observatory.   A classic place that just adds to the love that Elsa and Fernando have.


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