We are a husband and wife team that provides complete coverage from the beginning of the wedding to the end. We work efficiently and creatively to give you pictures that you will always cherish.

Our style is a combination of Photojournalism and formal. We use this to put a twist on your tradition formal pictures by giving them a look that is natural. We have both been in photography for a combine time of over 10 years in both digital and in film.

As a team Richard and Patoo, work as a team to make everyone feel comfortable. Richard normally goes with the groom and gets them to relax and have fun while they wait for the events of the day to begin. While at the same time, Patoo slips in with the girls as family and the bridesmaids help the bride get ready for the day. Together they get all the pictures of the moment including detail shots of the things that have a special place in everyone’s hearts.